SaveBroker offers its partners up to 25% lead to active client conversion rate, multiple levels of engagement and earning programs to create a partner experience that is unparalleled in the industry. As a partner, you can access an exceptional level of support, including marketing content, a dedicated affiliate manager and a recognized, well-established broker to work with and succeed.

What is a Partner Program?

In simple terms, a partner recommends new customers to our website to use our service and when they do, the partner receives compensation for the referral. Most affiliates create content related to financial markets, economic news or trading. But anyone can be an affiliate as long as they have a way to direct people that are interested in trading with SaveBroker.

A great benefit of partner programs is that depending on the level of engagement you choose, it can create a channel of passive income, for things that the partner is already doing: blogging, vlogging or sharing on social media.

SaveBroker offers multiple partnership plans, so you can customize your compensation for the type of clients you can refer. This includes Spread-sharing which gives you a portion of the share of the spreads your referral is debited when trading. CPA rewards you for every registered and trading referral. We also offer a hybrid program that can help you benefit from multiple types of clients!

Types of Partnership Plans

  • Spreadshare

Your commission is based on your referrals’ trading activity. You get paid a portion of the spread.

  • Lot Rebate

This plan is also based on your referrals’ trading activity, but you are paid per lot your referral trades.

  • Hybrid (CPA+Spreadshare)

This combination plan helps you if your referrals are mixed – people that trade frequently and people that trade less.

  • 2nd Tier

Referral other Partners (I.B.s) to SaveBroker Partnership plans.

  • CPA

Get rewards for every referral that registers and trades a certain volume. This is a great type of plan for people that can point high volumes of traffic to SaveBroker.

What is the difference between an affiliate and an IB

An IB (introducing broker) is an individual that meets with referral clients face to face. In some cases they may perform educational seminars relating to trading or other have other trading related business activities.

This allows them to create a physical network of traders. Due to regulatory restrictions – this option of partnership is not available to our US clients.

Affiliates are less hands on, they sustain or manage blogs, social media or other channels, on which they can refer people to SaveBroker. This is a great way to create a channel of passive income when you already have an established channel or are thinking about starting one.


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