Deposits and Withdrawals

We maximize ease and convenience for our clients by offering a broad range of funding methods via our secure client portal Deposit and withdraw your funds with SaveBroker whenever and wherever you find it convenient or necessary.



You’ve done your homework, traded on our demo platform and you are now ready to enter the markets. This is where you start – by funding your account. SaveBroker doesn’t charge any fees when you fund or withdraw from your account. We offer you multiple ways to deposit and withdraw funds including bank transfer, credit, debit, online cards and a selection of eWallets.


Although the amount of choices available to you can be overwhelming, the table below will help you choose the best method for you. Find out how long it takes to process a deposit and withdrawal transaction which can be a consideration depending on what type of trading you intend on performing.


Method Countries Deposits Processing Time* Fee
Credit/Debit Cards
visa icon 2018
All countries(subject to exclusions)
Europe only
All Countries
All countries excluding EU and Australia
Local Bank Transfer
All Countries, Kindly contact us for more info.
3 - 5 working days
All Countries
All Countries
All Countries
China only
China only
1 - 2 working days

* Processing time is based on given third party payment provider estimations and SaveBroker is not liable for changes to these estimations.

Deposit & Withdrawal FAQs

Know Your Client (KYC)

KYC stands for ‘Know Your Client’, which is a process that financial services companies must engage in to combat against money laundering and fraud. As a licensed and regulated company, we are required to follow many regulations and we must know a little bit about who our clients are. This is why we ask to collect certain documents from you and to speak to you on the phone. 

What documents do you require?

In order to make a withdrawal we require a proof of identity (such as passport or ID card) and proof of address (such as utility bill or bank statement). Please note that the proof of address cannot be older than 6 months and must show your full name and residential address. Other documents, such as credit card statement may be required depending on your account activity. If these are required, we will contact you.

How long does it take for my withdrawal to reach me?

We process all your withdrawal requests within two business days (48 hours). However, depending on the final destination of your funds and your bank’s processing times, it may take 3-10 business days before the funds reach your account.

Why is my withdrawal still in process?

Withdrawals are processed by our Back Office team within two business day (48 hours). If a business day has passed and your withdrawal is still in process, please contact us for further assistance.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

For withdrawals to credit/debit cards and eWallets there is no minimum withdrawal amount. For withdrawals to bank accounts, a minimum amount of USD 50 is required.

Why can’t I withdraw?

If you are unable to make a withdrawal please check to ensure that you have provided all the necessary documentation. Before you can withdraw, we require a proof of address and proof of identity. If you have supplied us with this documentation and still cannot withdraw, please contact us for further assistance.

Where do you send my funds?

All withdrawals are sent back to your original deposit method. For example, if you deposited by credit card and make a withdrawal, the funds will be sent back to the same card. All withdrawals that are over the total deposit amounts will be sent via alternative method. For example, if you deposited $200 by Visa, trade and make a profit of $350, your total account balance will be $550. If you decide to withdraw this entire amount, $200 will be sent back to your Visa card and the remaining $350 will be sent via alternative method.

When you trade FOREX, you aren’t necessarily buying the actual Dollars for physical Euros. You are trading a CFD (a Contract for Difference), which allows you to trade the price of your chosen currency for another, without the obligation of owning it. This means you can trade and potentially benefit from both upwards and downwards movements . As with any investment vehicle there are inherent risks involved due to the numerous variables that affect market volatility, please be aware of these before you start trading.

How do I withdraw?

Log into your account and go to your Client Area. If you have deposited via credit or debit card, your funds will be returned to the same card.

Why am I unable to make a deposit?

If you are unable to make a deposit, it is advisable to check with your bank and ensure that there is no restriction on your card for online payments.

What payment methods do you accept?

Depositing into your account is fast and easy. You can add funds into your account by using your credit or debit card, eWallet or via bank transfer. See table for all payment methods available.

How do I deposit?

If you already have an account and are logged in, you may deposit at the top of your screen in your Client Dashboard. If you do not have a registered account, start now to create one and deposit to start trading.

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