SaveBroker Trading Platform Features

  • 21 Different Chart Timeframes from 1 min to 1 month
  • 38 in-built technical indicators
  • Use expert advisors
  • Download 20+ years of historical data
  • Available on desktop, mobile and web

SaveBroker Conditions for Trading

  • Variable Spreads from 0.3 pips
  • Up to 500:1 leverage (excluding EU and AU Retail Clients)
  • Negative balance protection
  • No commission or hidden fees

Variable Spreads

One of the key differences between MTrader 4  and MTrader 5 platforms is the spread. Unlike the old platform, where we only fixed spreads are offered, all spreads on our new platform are variable*. This means that the spread you pay depends on market conditions. So, for instance, if there’s low volatility in the markets and high liquidity, you can expect to pay a smaller spread. Conversely, if there’s high volatility and low liquidity, you can expect to pay a larger spread.

At SaveBroker, we’re always seeking to provide our clients with the best possible trading experience, which is why we have decided to offer our clients both fixed and variable spreads. Giving you the freedom of choice to decide which way you want to trade!

*Please note that variable spreads are subject to slippage.

Why use our Trading Platform?

MTrader 5 is one of the most powerful multi-asset platforms available to traders. Building on from the popular MTrader 4, the latest MTrader platform has some great new features, including faster processing speeds, more advanced chart indicators and a built-in economic calendar.

The MTrder 5 platform is also highly customizable, with the option to customize symbols, advanced charts and indicators.

Why use this Trading Platform?

MTrader 5 is fast and flexible and is perfect for experienced traders looking to take advantage of more advanced and customizable trading tools. If you also prefer to trade with variable spreads, then it’s the platform you want to use.


How do I download MTrader 5?

First, you’ll need to create an account with SaveBroker. After this, you can log in and revisit this page, where you’ll be prompted to download MTrader 5 to your device.

How do I use MTrader 5?

If you’re already familiar with MTrader 4, then you should have no problem adjusting to MTrader 5 as the functions and features are very similar. If you’re not familiar with MTrader 4, then don’t worry. We will be releasing an MTrader 5 guide soon that will deep dive into using the platform.

How do I open an MTrader 5 account with SaveBroker?

If you wish to use MTrader 5, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Create a SaveBroker account
  2. Download and install MTrader 5 on your device.
  3. Use your login credentials provided to you during the sign-up process
  4. Deposit into your MTrader 5 account
  5. You can now trade all of SaveBroker 200+ instruments on MTrader
What operating systems can I use MTrader 5 on?

MTrader 5 is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

How do I install custom indicators on MTrader 5?
  1. Open MTrader 5
  2. Find the Navigator
  3. In the Navigator menu, locate Custom Indicators
  4. Click on that option, and your custom indicator should be displayed.
  5. Double click your new custom indicator and the Properties (for indicators) window pop up.
  6. Click OK.
What is the minimum deposit for MTrader 5?

To begin trading on any of SaveBroker trading platforms, you must make a minimum deposit of $100.

What instruments can I trade on MTrader 5?

You can trade all of SaveBroker’s 200+ instruments, including cryptocurrencies, shares, forex, metals, commodities and indices.

Can I use expert advisors on MTrader 5?

Yes, you can. We allow you to download and build EAs on MTrader 5.

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